DECEMBER 15, 2017

De Jong Marinelife Press Release

Vertex Aquaristik is proud to announce that we have partnered with De Jong Marinelife for distribution in Europe. De Jong Marinelife will now wholesale Vertex Aquaristik products to local fish stores in their region.

Vertex Aquaristik products have revolutionized the aquarium industry and will continue to do so. The partnership with De Jong Marinelife allows for Vertex to put forth an intense focus on quality engineering, improving our current lines and manufacturing of protein skimmers, reactors, aquarium controllers etc.  Moving forward, distribution of Vertex and Somatic Aquaristik products will be handled by De Jong Marinelife in most of the EU.

De Jong Marinelife has been a primary supplier of equipment and live goods in Europe for over 50 years. Having Vertex products at De Jong Marinelife creates great efficiency in local fish store supply. Most stores are already ordering products from De Jong Marinelife, so why not get your Vertex products from there too?

Please direct order inquiries to [email protected]

For questions and support on Vertex Aquaristik products, please email us at [email protected]

About Vertex Aquaristik:

The top of our agenda will always be unparalleled quality. This is achieved by extensive technical assessment of each and every one of the raw materials and components used. No concessions are made when it comes to setting our products at the forefront of grade inspection standards. Multiple stages of fault elimination put Vertex Aquaristik™ at the leading edge of distinction. While no expense is spared to ensure uncompromising quality, unmatched value remains eminent through a close affiliation with our many manufacturing partners.

About De Jong Marinelife:

De Jong Marinelife is Europe’s leading supplier of marine life, supplying aquatic stores and public aquaria. With over 50 years of experience in the aquarium business, you can rely on De Jong Marinelife as a supplier. De Jong distinguishes themselves with a wide range of stock and quality supply. De Jong constantly stocks over 25,000 animals in over 1000 different species. De Jong also carries equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry.